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Container Homes For Sale

The growing need for affordable housing has inspired a new breed of landlord. Cheap houses made from shipping containers. Almost like giant building blocks you can stack and configure any number of containers to create a living space to suit

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Storage Containers For Sale in UK

Flexible, easy to access affordable storage is ideal for businesses and households. Extra storage can be useful when renovating property or when extra space is required for office filing. Storage Containers offer all kinds of benefits: easy to access easy

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Setting up a PopUp Shop

Setting up a popup shop can be the easiest thing to do. SC Containers can build a custom container to suit your exact business needs. From tiny 6ft square shipping containers to massive branded marketing presence over two stories. We

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Mobile Retail Units For Sale

SC Containers supply custom designed shipping containers to businesses as mobile retail units. Being able to transport a ready made retail unit means fast set up times and cheaper costs. Benefits of using mobile retail units: Fast setup Reusable interiors Very

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Cafes & Food Catering Units For Sale

SC Containers have multiple sized shipping containers to be used as catering units for sale. Uniquely designed and with its specification to your exact food preparation needs, mobile catering containers offer extra security and stability that traditional units have. Benefits of

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On-Site Mobile Offices

SC Containers create an sell mobile offices built from shipping containers that can offer business a quick and easy way to expand without costly building work. Modern offices can be supplied to your site with all mod-cons. From basic security huts

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Home Office and Extensions

More and more people are working from home and businesses offering flexible working hours then being able to have a dedicated home office has massive benefits. keeping work and personal spaces separated quieter work space controlled environment easily installed and

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Custom Built Modular Buildings

The flexibility of containers as a way to build a modular house or business premises has many advantages over more traditional methods. planning permission not always needed highly flexible easy to add to and extend cheaper to construct Custom Designed

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Buy Portable Exhibition Stands UK

Why Use Portable Exhibition Stands? Using shipping containers as portable exhibition stands has many advantages over traditional promotional products. The construction of a custom made shipping container is very robust and withstand tens of years of use and abuse. This

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Bespoke Custom Containers & Units

SC Containers can design and produce custom containers with any number of bespoke features that you might need. We are happy to discuss any extra functionality you might require: Possible Features for Custom Containers: Secure Doors Windows & Blinds Heating

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